LS Group

LS GROUP S.A. (Logistics Supplier Group S.A).  We provide a large logistic portfolio within the Supply Chain, taking advantage of the large experience of its directors and own National and International infrastructure through reliable and strategic alliances. We integrate the necessary features to make it possible that you trust in our services….and your logistic,  LEAVE IT TO US.   Our organization rapidly gets adapted to the changes in the market. We take advantage of our “Know how” getting through the simple process that we can apply in all the areas of the logistic services

Our main activity is International Transportation (Forwarding Service), from and to any place on the world, supporting our customers to get its product at the final destination, on the right time, at the lowest price,  and in the best conditions.

We were approved by “Direcciòn de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales” like International Cargo Agent, through “Resoluciòn 00916” and authorized under code 249 since February 8th 2005.   Our logistic group is integrated by 5 companies of large experience: